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abortion clinics Help You Abort / Terminate an un-wanted in abortion clinics pregnancy Today. That is what we do for you, especially if you stay around Gauteng. It is very quick and pain free. It is 98% successful. Let us Help You Today.

In South Africa, approximately 100,000 terminations of pregnancy are performed each year. This procedure is legal under certain circumstances. The procedure is one of the safest operations, and up to 20 weeks, is safer than giving birth.

How do I make an appointment for an abortion? If you would like to make an appointment for a pregnancy termination, contact the Doctor .

If you are considering an abortion, please talk with Women’s Abortion Clinics Randburg. Our staff is dedicated to helping you understand medical and surgical abortions and all the options available to you at this point in your pregnancy.

An informed pregnancy decision empowers you and your future. To explore your options, first confirm whether you are pregnant with a free medical quality urine test at Women’s Abortion Clinics Randburg. If your test is positive, a free ultrasound (a procedure that uses sound waves to determine age and location of pregnancy) can be scheduled.

Women’s Abortion Clinic Randburg advocates can assist you to take steps to protect your health and safety. We are here to restore hope to women facing unplanned pregnancies.


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